Dr.P.C.Achankunju M.A.,MBA,LL.B.,Ph.D.
Chairman,Human Rights Foundations

Founder Chairman's Message

" We are pleased to welcome you to our Human Rights Foundations website. You can have a glance at our human rights activities that our activists are involved. Basically we give preference to 'Human Rights, Charity and Protection of Nature'. To strengthen democracy in its fullest meaning we depart our share to the maximum. We uphold the teachings of United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the two ensuing covenants viz. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Every member in our Organization is taught to create awareness among the public about civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights and freedoms enumerated in the UN UDHR and also to undertake activities with a view to enabling people to enjoy these rights. We wish to protect Human Rights and prevent its violation and to work for the restoration of violated human rights and freedoms. We impart our ability to develop national and international cooperation in the area of human rights. Our members with the proper guidance from the Organization intervene wherever there is a violation of human rights and take up the issue to United Nations Organization, International agencies and to various government departments at National and State levels including the Human Rights Commissions, Minority Commission, Women’s Commissions, S.C. & S.T Commission, Backward Commission .. etc. We solicit membership from human rights activist and other organizations who wish to render services to the human race and to the Nature. "-